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New Luxury Project, Nitranska 9, Vinohrady. Beautiful and completely renovated historic Art Nouveau style building.
19 exclusive apartments fully refurbished using the highest standards while still preserving the original and historical features of the building.

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Jan Vysoký

+420 777 250 935


Nitranska 9 is located in the quiet residential area of Vinohrady. Only 2 metro stops from the real city centre, Wenceslas Square, and only steps from several beautiful parks, perfect for morning jogs or afternoon picnics. Nitranska 9, is also located very close to Jiriho z Podebrad square where you will find everything from concerts to farmers markets. We are sure you will enjoy living here!

  • Nitranská 9
  • Prague 3
  • Vinohrady
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Excellent accessibility to the city center via metro, as well as several tram lines. Metro station “Jiriho z Podebrad” (line A) is only 300 meters from the building. Using this line line you can get directly to the city center or to the airport bus without needing to change lines. On site parking is possible on the street in the blue zones, which are reserved for the residents and holders of a parking card for this zone in Prague 2.


Flat number Type Floor Area Disposition Status Price Documentation
Restaurace restaurace 1. podzemní podlaží 230 m2 Sold -
101 flat 1st floor 49.1 m2 2+kk Sold -
102 flat 1st floor 54,9 m2 2+kk Sold -
103 flat 1st floor 72,8 m2 3+kk Sold -
201 flat 2nd floor 77,5 m2 3+kk Sold -
202 flat 2nd floor 48,4 m2 2+kk Sold -
203 flat 2nd floor 76,5 m2 3+kk Sold -
301 flat 3rd floor 78,3 m2 3+kk Sold -
302 flat 3rd floor 48,7 m2 2+kk Sold -
303 flat 3rd floor 77,6 m2 3+kk Sold -
401 flat 4th floor 79,0 m2 3+kk Sold -
402 flat 4th floor 49,2 m2 2+kk Sold -
403 flat 4th floor 81,3 m2 3+kk Sold -
501 flat 5th floor 78,6 m2 3+kk Sold -
502 flat 5th floor 49,2 m2 2+kk Sold -
503 flat 5th floor 81,4 m2 3+kk Sold -
601 flat 6th floor 99,5 m2 4+kk Sold -
602 flat 6th floor 47,9 m2 2+kk Sold -
603 flat 6th floor 48,6 m2 2+kk Sold -
604 flat 6th floor 97,4 m2 4+kk Sold -

Buying procedure

Oral Reservation (Non-binding Reservation)

The Oral Reservation is a non-binding reservation for period of 3 days. After termination of this three days period, the reservation either has to be confirmed by signing of Reservation Contract, or the Oral Reservation lapses and the property will be offer to other interested parties.

Reservation Contract (Binding Reservation)

The binding reservation means the signing of the Reservation Contract, after which the Future Seller agrees to take off the property of the market. The Reservation Contract commits the Buyer to pay the reservation fee amount of CZK 100.000,- within 5 (five) working days from the signing of this contract. This contract commits both parties to conclude the Pre-purchase Contract within 30 (thirty) calendar days from signing of the Reservation Contract. If Purchase Contract concluded, the reservation fee is deducted from the purchase price.

The Pre-Purchase Contract (Future Purchase Contract)

By the signing of the Reservation Contract starts the period of 30 (thirty) calendar days, during which the Pre-purchase Contract has to be signed. This period is for the Buyer to arrange his financing with bank. By the signing of the Pre-purchase Contract, the Buyer has to provide the Seller with way of finincing of the property. The remaining part of the purchase price has to be paid by the Buyer onto the escrow account. The Escrow Contract is signed together with the Pre-purchase Contract.

Purchase Contract

Within 45 days from signing of the Pre-purchase Contract is signed the Purchase Contract. Before the signing of this contract, is the Buyer obliged to pay the remaining part of the purchase price onto the escrow account.